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End-to-End Managed Camera Systems and Security Hardware that Safeguard Your Business.

Our Services

Comprehensive Security Solutions

From installation to replacement, we offer a complete suite of security services to keep your system running.

Comprehensive Monitoring

We offer 24/7 monitoring of camera health, network connectivity, and storage capacity, with immediate alerts for any issues.

Free Equipment Replacement

Free equipment replacement covers any failed equipment not due to negligence or misuse, keeping a consistent monthly cost.

Network Setup and Configuration

Our network setup and configuration services include expert design and installation tailored to your needs.

Installation Services

Our installation services ensure professional setup of all security hardware.

On-Site Troubleshooting

We dispatch trained technicians to provide prompt support for any setup or hardware-related issues.

Complete System Management

We provide a fully managed, hassle-free service that handles all aspects of your security.

Secure Your Property with Advanced Features

Get connected with a range of advanced features to provide comprehensive protection.

  • Advanced Camera Systems

    Keep your business up-to-date with high-definition live and recorded video.

  • AI-Powered Video Processing

    Get access to the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence with motion and object detection for enhanced security.

  • Door Sensors and Access Control

    Smart door sensors and access control systems deliver real-time alerts and secure entry management.


Protect Your Property with Sentinel

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